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Candy Making Tools

Candy Making Tools

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Candy Making Tools

Create luscious candies quicker and safer by equipping the kitchen staff with the correct set of candy making tools

Satisfy the sweet cravings of the customers by offering them freshly-made soft and hard candies! Get our high-quality candy making tools to ensure making the preparation and cooking process safe and more efficient. We supply a broad range of candy making tools that are built with utmost sanitation and efficacy. They come in different colors, sizes, and even shapes to achieve the desired form for each candy recipe. Most brands added colors in each tool for a decorative touch and quick identification. But others intended to add colors to prevent cross-contamination. The colors’ meaning varies on the manufacturer. But as standard, the shades of violet are dedicated to ingredients that contain allergens.

Each candy recipe requires a specific cooking temperature. Equip the kitchen staff with a reliable candy thermometer to maintain the precise temperature. Doing so will prevent burning and wasting the ingredients. We carry both analog and digital thermometers. The analog candy thermometers are often built with glass lenses and long, metal stem. To prevent guesswork, its dial display can show both temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The digital candy thermometer is built with a long, metal stem and a large display window that can show temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius. It normally has a button to easily choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Cooking sugar at high temperatures is a fire hazard. Strengthen the safety of the staff and ingredients by adding the appropriate cookware. A melting pot is one of the best candy pans to add to the kitchen because it is constructed with a thick, heavy-duty base. No matter what material is used, it guarantees to evenly distribute the heat to prevent burning the ingredients. A high-quality copper is a popular material choice because it is also non-reactive which is perfect for cooking candies with acidic ingredients. It's a plus that it features a non-stick surface, making cleaning simpler and effortless.

We have more candy making tools available in our catalog. Browse it now and get the tools that will help achieve the desired candy appearance and taste!