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Butter Slicer

Butter Slicer

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Butter Cutters

Evenly slice multiple sticks of butter into small pieces with an easy-to-use cutting tool

Food preparation can be tedious and time-consuming. Make it simpler by providing the staff with the right kitchen tools! Butter is an essential ingredient in the commercial kitchen. It is versatile to use as a garnish, condiment, or cooking medium. Effortlessly slice one stick fast using a professional butter cutter! We carry a wide range of this cutting tool where each is uniquely designed in different sizes and styles. The basic design for the butter cutter has an aluminum construction with a die-cast frame for long-lasting use. The die-cast frame is finished with a piano wire bound and two handles on the opposite sides. It works by placing the cutter on top of the chilled butter and firmly press it down. The size of butter it can slice depends on the cutter’s size.

The modern-designed butter cutter we offer has a one-hand operation. It is constructed with an ABS plastic housing and stainless-steel blade. Place the chilled butter inside the cutter’s housing and in one press of the clicker, the sliced butter will be released on the bottom part. This one-click butter cutter comes in a variety of colors. It is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. These are only a few of the butter slicers we offer. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selection!