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Bread Bagger

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Commercial Bread Baggers

Use a top-quality bread bagging machine to keep the bread protected against contamination

Properly packed and sealed the bread after baking with a reliable and high-performing bread bagger! Bread is a very delicate type of product. The more it stays outside the oven, the more it will lose its moisture, flavor, and change its texture. This is where the bread baggers come in handy! They are engineered to properly packed and sealed every bread using a food-grade packaging material. Not only it will keep the bread fresh longer, but also can protect them from the potential risk of bacteria growth and contamination.

The bread bagging solutions we offer are designed for a manual, semi-automated, and automated operation. The manual bread bagger allows the operator to have full control of the operation. While the semi-automated and automated bread baggers can operate at a higher speed and efficiency. Typically, the bread baggers are furnished with a device that produces gentle air to inflate each packaging bag. This allows the bread bagging machine to continuously pack without delay.

All the commercial bread baggers we supply are easy to operate and install. To know more about their unique features and designs, check our catalog now! We also offer the compatible parts and accessories for each brand model.