T&S Brass

    T&S Brass has set the standard in commercial plumbing products for nearly 50 years. Utilizing heavier commercial grade castings for exceptional durability, the company offers faucetsfaucet partshose reels, gas connectors, and more. 

    Striving to supply a superior quality product while providing outstanding customer service, T&S Brass is committed to complying with environmental laws and regulations. The company works to constantly improve its environmental performance by fostering innovation.

    Our catalog's most popular T&S Brass items include a single sink faucetpre-rinse faucet, and this gas hose connector kit

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    T&S Brass B-1125 Faucet

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    T&S Brass 118X Big-Flo Nozzle

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    T&S Brass B-0529 Spout

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    T&S Brass MV-2516-42 Water Gun

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    T&S Brass B-0527 Spout

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