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    Culinary Depot will be entirely closed in the observance of the Shavuot Holiday.

    At that time feel free to browse our site and add any items to your cart or wishlist and check out when we reopen.

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    Nemco Food Equipment manufactures a variety of foodservice tools—including slicers, toasters, food warmers, and more. Founded as a family company over 40 years ago in Hicksville, Ohio, Nemco gained notoriety by introducing the revolutionary Spiral Fry—a machine that cut potatoes into curly shapes.

    The company has only reinforced its reputation as an innovator since then and today offers over 75 different products. Its high quality hot dog cooking equipment, waffle and cone bakers, pasta boilers, and merchandising equipment are just some of its many offerings.

    Committed to environmental responsibility, Nemco prides itself on developing food equipment that uses less energy and natural resources. The company also strives to live by the golden rule, practice good stewardship, and do things right the first time. But above all else—Nemco’s goal is simply to exceed you expectations.

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