Commercial Microwave Ovens

    While almost every household is sure to have a microwave oven, those home varieties differ greatly from their commercial counter-parts. The power of a commercial microwave oven is much greater, and the inner cavity of the oven is usually much wider, deeper and higher than a house-hold model, allowing for more product to be heated in a shorter amount of time.

    Commercial microwaves can operate on 120 volts, but some larger models require 208 to 240 volts. A smaller unit can produce about 700 watts, while larger units can pump out close to 3200 watts.

    Most microwave ovens are made of stainless steel and have powder-coated handles. Standard features usually include programmable memory pad selectors, see-through doors, a cycle counter, and a lighted inner cavity, and an automatic shut-off system to avoid over-heating. Doors are required to have individual, but inter-locking systems that automatically turn the oven off when opened.

    A new heating technology found in commercial microwaves allow constant energy to penetrate the center of the food, allowing for more even cooking and less burning around the edges of the product. This new technology also allows for keeping food warm longer after heating.

    While microwaves do not require hoods, the operator should take into consideration the overall usage of the unit. For example, users that spend a great deal of time defrosting products rather than simply heating them, should consider a unit with higher voltage capabilities to avoid wear on the machine. Also, since a microwave is an electronic device, it requires ventilation space for the hot air to escape and avoid over-heating, so take care not to place a microwave directly over a fryer or steamer, and all manufacturers warn not to turn on a microwave when it is empty.


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    Must Have Equipment For A Commercial Kitchen: Deep Fryer

    One of the best-selling and most popular part of any restaurant’s menu is their fried foods section. From french-fries, doughnuts and other starches, to fried chicken and other proteins, to tempura and other vegetable dishes,  there is almost no food that can’t be fried.  When done properly, frying adds a crispy, crusty exterior, while keeping the food inside moist and flavorful. Because of this, one of the first items on a new restaurant’s equipment list is always the deep fryer, and one of the first places they search for fryers is Culinary Depot.

    While some fryers cook through induction or infrared heating, the traditional fryer uses gas or electric to heat a pool of oil for dropping food into. Electric fryers usually come in 120, 220 or 240 volts, while gas fryers produce between 30,000 and 150,000 BTU per hour.

    Fryers come in a variety of sizes and depths and can be placed on a counter-top or used in a stand-alone variety. Smaller fryers have capacities of 11 pounds of oil up to about 50 pounds of oil, while larger, stand alone fryers can hold more than double that. The general rule to follow when figuring out how much food a fryer is able to produce per hour is that a fryer can usually handle 1.5 to 2 times the amount of oil it holds, so a 50 pound fryer can usually produce 75-100 pounds of food per hour.

    Standard fryer features include a heavy gauge stainless steel fryer tank, a full-port ball drain for removing oil, stainless steel front and sides and lockable casters. New features on some fryers include heat exchanger systems that help bring oil back to temp faster after food is dropped in, advanced electronic switching, and specially designed heating tubes.

    Many common accessories purchased when also buying a fryer include a filtration system, fryer baskets of multiple sizes, tank covers, crumb scoops, splatter shields, and tank brushes for cleaning.

    General maintenance suggestions to extend the life of your fryer include frequent draining of a tank’s oil and cleaning of the inner tank, as well as avoiding dumping frozen foods into fully-heated oil, scorching the frying medium and stressing the heating elements.


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    Undercounter Blast Chillers Offer Convenience and Quality

    Great for any restaurant, bar, caterer, or institution, Under counter Blast Chillers provide a convenient, more compact way in which to quickly cool foods through their so-called food temperature danger zone. Created to work well in limited spaces, our undercounter blast chillers are designed to enable you to quickly cool cooked items while ensuring enhanced quality and safety and improved shelf life.

    The Traulsen TU048QC Blast Chiller is a comfortable 9.2 cubic feet and comes equipped with INTELA-TRAUL, microprocessor control, two factory installed chrome plated shelves, a self-contained refrigeration system, stainless steel interior and exterior, and six-inch legs on adjustable channel system, to name just some.

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    Blast Freezers Take Food from Storage to Table

    Uninterrupted refrigeration of food products ensures that adequate food safety is maintained by staving off most foodborne pathogens. At Culinary Depot, we make protecting your food and your customers simpler than ever with our extensive lines of Blast Chillers, all constructed with stainless steel exteriors and interiors and offered with free shipping.

    Blast Chillers enable you to quickly and efficiently move your food from serving temperatures to storing temperatures in minutes, not hours or days. And, Blast Chillers are essential when looking to extend freshness times and reduce food spoilage, an ongoing necessity to any kitchen.

    Culinary Depot offers an array of convenient Reach-In Blast Freezers to suit just about any refrigeration need. For instance, we offer a range of Traulsen Reach-In Refrigerators (24, 28, 31, 32, 36, 38, and 50 Spec-Line) all with 100-pound capacity and a self-contained refrigeration system. Choose from hinged-left or -right six-inch casters, remote application, or combi-oven kit capability options.

    The Traulsen Correctional Package Blast Chiller also provides a generous 100-pound capacity, reach-in design, and a self-contained refrigeration system. Hinging right, this model includes locking hasp, flanged legs, mesh screen, and lexan control.

    We also offer two Victory Blast Chillers. The 100 Spec Line Blast Chiller is a single section, self-contained refrigerator with a 100-pound capacity that offers a +38° blast chiller or +38° F storage refrigerator, 12 adjustable coated wire shelves, and  swivel casters w/brakes. The Victory 75 Spec Line Blast Chiller provides 75-pound capacity in the same chill-storage option and with 12 pairs of adjustable pan slides.

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    Culinary Depot Knows Successful Kitchens

    At Culinary Depot, we understand that the center of any restaurant is its kitchen. Successful restaurant facilities are well stocked, highly functional, comfortable, and easy to use. At Culinary Depot, we ensure you receive a kitchen uniquely designed to suit your business needs, stocked with high quality tools and appliances, all enabling you to increase profits and decrease losses.

    We are well-respected in the industry for our expertise, professionalism, and proven history in building, renovating, and servicing commercial kitchens for restaurants, schools, hotels, and hospitals. Valued among our customers—and many, many repeat customers—we work with you at any point from concept to design to installation and always within your budget and time limits.

    Culinary Depot provides full-service restaurant equipment along with installation, service, and advice. Backed by a founder with years of successful chef experience who is teamed with a cohesive group of professionally licensed experts, we collaborate with you to provide exactly what you need every step of the way.

    Our supplies are high quality, durable, functional, practical, user-friendly, and affordable. From potato peelers to pots and pans to industrial ovens to refrigeration systems, we can meet all of your restaurant needs. By taking the state-of-the-art functionality of successful commercial restaurants and enhancing them for you, you can easily prepare quick, comfortable meals for either a large-scale facility or a smaller restaurant. And, because of our seemingly endless offerings, we can pass a huge array of options at prices to suit your budget and match your tastes.