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Why Your Kitchen Needs a Commercial Can Crusher

Nov 2nd 2018 - Blog, 

Why Your Kitchen Needs a Commercial Can Crusher

Restaurants, cafeterias, and dining halls can go through hundreds of cans of food per day. And after a while, the empty cans start to pile up and take up significant space. That’s why many kitchens have commercial can crushers that help handle waste. If your kitchen does not currently use an Edlund can crusher, here are a few reasons why it should:

Crushing Cans Saves Money

It doesn’t matter what size or shape a can is. An Edlund can crusher quickly compresses it by 84%. And since crushed cans take up much less space than uncrushed cans, they drastically reduce trash volume. So much so that your number of recycle pick-ups can realistically be cut in half. So if you spend $4300 annually on trash removal, you can expect to save roughly $2000 per year with the help of a can crusher.

Another way that crushing cans saves money is that it reduces the use of garbage bags. About 42 uncrushed #10 cans fit in a standard 55-gallon trash bag. But if you’re crushing your cans, you can fit a whopping 200 in one of those bags! So if you usually spend $1000 per year on trash bags for cans, a can crusher will reduce your spending to about $200. 

Can Crushers Save Time and Labor

Transporting garbage bags from the kitchen to the outside dumpster can be a time drain. If cans aren’t crushed, the recyclables might need to be taken out several times per day. During winter this might mean bundling up to deal with the cold. There’s also a risk that kitchen staff might stop and get involved in conversations when they should be working. But by utilizing can crushers, your kitchen staff will be able to work more efficiently and make the most of their time in the kitchen.

Edlund offers a few different commercial can crushers than can effortlessly compress as many as 2000 cans per day. It’s simple as this: