June 2018 Culinary Depot Blog Posts

    Writing a Restaurant Mission Statement

    writing a restaurant mission statement


    A restaurant mission statement sets the tone for your whole foodservice. It gives both staff and customers a better idea of what your restaurant is all about. This means there's no reason to use the first thing that pops into your head. You should put a lot of thought into your mission statement before deciding on what's right. This post will cover how to write a great restaurant mission statement.

    The task of writing a mission statement can seem daunting. Just the words "mission statement" have a weight to them. That's why it's a good idea to think of your restaurant's mission statement as a promise. It can be a promise to your customers, staff, or even business partners. The key is to make customer promises that are unique to your restaurant. Promises that highlight your restaurant's distinct strengths and convince customers to try it. The restaurant industry is already flooded with bland mission statements. But just because others settle doesn't mean you should too. Choosing a bold yet truthful mission statement will help your restaurant stand out from its competition.

    Your mission statement should be short, sweet, and to the point. Confusing language has no place in any mission statement. The statement should be something everyone can read and easily understand. Friends, family, and staff can all give help by giving their opinions. It doesn't matter how many people you need to consult with. The idea is to choose the best restaurant mission statement possible.

    Really think about what makes your restaurant special. Why should customers eat at your restaurant instead of your competitors’? And what would make a talented chef or server want to work for you? The answers to these questions can help you craft a personalized mission statement. Although most mission statements are just a sentence long, there’s no rule that says they need to be. But if you want to make your statement longer than a single sentence, make sure it remains clear.


    Written by J. Vigotsky

    How to Run a Restaurant – Consultants


    how to run a restaurant - consultant


    There is no simple solution when it comes to how to run a restaurant. The truth is it isn't easy. Reading books and articles can help make it easier, but there’s no substitute for good, old fashioned coaching. People like Jon Taffer have made careers out of helping struggling bars. Most restaurant whispers don’t have their own TV shows, but they exist nonetheless. And every day, these experts help restaurants thrive. This post will cover different ways consultants can help your restaurant too.

    One way to benefit from consultants by attending restaurant seminars. These talks cover topics like reducing labor costs, maximizing profits, perfecting customer service, and more. Cheaper than personalized coaching, seminars are ideal for owners who are short on funds. Some seminars are multi-day events, while others last just a few hours.


    restaurant consultant


    Another idea is to work with an expert one-on-one.  Bring someone into your restaurant and give them free reign. Let them size things up and see what your restaurant needs. Once the coach has a day to take everything in, he can from a plan and put it to action. If you want to go this route, make sure you hire someone with experience. Preferably an expert who has been recommended by someone you know and trust. The expert’s skills should range widely and not focus on one special thing.

    A third way to coach up your staff is through the computer. Experts can teach personalized courses through Skype and similar apps. These courses can focus marketing, finance, and other key aspects of business. Online coaching is a great way to get personalized lessons without breaking the bank.

    Even the world’s best athletes, actors, and musicians use coaches. So why wouldn’t a restaurant owner? There’s a big learning curve to figuring out how to run a restaurant. So do yourself a favor and get the help of a pro. Google phrases like “Restaurant Consultants” to find a solution near you.


    Written by: J. Vigotsky

    Blendtec vs Vitamix – Which Blender is Best

    blend tec


    The Blendtec vs Vitamix battle has raged on for years within the blender industry, and it shows no signs of stopping. While both brands make some of the most popular blenders on the market, there's no consensus on which blender is best. Offering both residential and commercial blenders, the two brands offer their own unique benefits. This posting will explore whether a Blendtec or Vitamix blender is better-suited for your specific needs.

    Blendtec blenders are perhaps best known for their power. The company’s “Will it Blend?” video series shows the blender attempting to blend iPhones, iPads, glow sticks, lighters, golf balls, and even marbles. Thus far, the blender has been successful every time.

    Blendec machines have higher peak horsepower compared to Vitamix blenders. Vitamix units compensate by featuring four-pronged blades as opposed to Blendtec’s two-pronged blades. The difference in prongs helps Vitamix blenders cut through ice and frozen ingredients.

    One clear advantage Vitamix has over Blendtec is its renowned Quiet One blender. This unit features a tritan container that covers the entire blender and helps reduce unwanted noise. Perfect for smaller cafes and smoothie bars, Vitamix The Quiet One 36019 blender lets customers enjoy their meals in peace.

    Since Blendtec blenders are shorter, they are easier to fit beneath bulky cabinets. Vitamax units are too tall to fit under cabinets, which causes issues for kitchens that have limited space. Check the height of your blender’s pitcher and ensure it'll be able to effectively function it in your kitchen.

    Vitamix units are heavier and pricier than Blendtec blenders. However, many Vitamix blenders come with easy-to-use tampers that ensure smooth functioning.

    Many customers appreciate the peace of mind that comes with buying a product that has a long-term warranty. Although new Blendtec blenders come with impressive 5-year warranties, Vitamix units boast even-longer 7-year warranties.

    Manual control is essential for users who want to be in total command of their commercial blenders. Vitamix and Blendtec units both offer manual control, but they do so in different ways. Blendtec blenders have touch screens, while Vitamix blenders use variable speed dials for superior precision. The dials are used to escalate blending intensity until your unit is operating at the perfect speed.

    vitamix speed dial

    Do you want your smoothies to have a chunky texture or a smoother texture? Blendtec blenders produce chunkier smoothies. Vitamix blenders make drinks with smoother textures.

    Blendtec and Vitamix blenders can make make soups, sauces, stews, smoothies, nut butters, milkshakes, condiments, or dressings. They're both capable machines. The "best" blender is whatever satisfies the needs of your foodservice.

    How to Answer the Phone Professionally

    restaurant phone


    Often times, the first impression your restaurant makes on a customer is through a phone call. A patron will call either to confirm your restaurant’s hours, make a dinner reservation, or place an order for pickup/delivery. When a hostess answers that phone call, his or her etiquette can be the difference between whether a customer eats at your restaurant or somewhere else. This post will cover how to answer phones profesionally in restaurants. 

    A simple, easy-to-remember phone greeting would go something like this:

    “Thank you for calling ________. My name is __________. How may I help you?”

    Whoever answers the phone should have a smile on his or her face. This might seem ridiculous, as there’s no way the caller will be able to see the smile. But smiiling will give your employee's voice a certain warmth that can be heard over the phone. And that warmth will certainly endear the caller to your restaurant.

    Restaurants can get very busy, so there’s always going to be a time when you’ll need to put a caller on hold. In that event, answer the phone with:

    “Thank you for calling ________. My name is __________. Can you please hold?”

    The key with this greeting is to wait until the caller says they can hold. If your employee just puts the caller on hold before listening to a response, there’s a good chance the behavior will be interpreted as rude. And it could potentially lead to the caller eating elsewhere.

    If you want to keep close tabs on whether your employees are following protocol, place a call yourself and listen to how they answer the phone. Try to do this during times of the day or night that the restaurant isn't as busy. Calling during rush hour just for a check-up can unnecessarily stop the flow of work and lead to resentment from your employees.

    9 Benefits of True Refrigeration Equipment

    true refrigeration


    It's no coincidence that True refrigeration equipment is found in all kinds of commercial kitchens. The renowned manufacturer has been producing quality freezers and refrigerators for over 70 years, and this post will help explore what separates True equipment from the competition.


    Energy Efficiency

    True offers more Energy Star-certified refrigeration units than any of its competing manufacturers. Helping operators decrease utility and maintenance costs, the efficiency of True freezers and refrigerators also helps ensure a longer lifespan.



    All True refrigeration units come with a 3-year warranties for parts and labor. Even better, compressors have extended 5-year warranties. If there is ever an issue, True will quickly repair or replace your equipment so your foodservice doesn’t miss a beat.


    Extra-Cold Freezers

    While the standard temperature of most commercial freezers is 0°F, True freezers are designed to consistently maintain a temperature of -10°F. This difference of 10°F enables True freezers to better-preserve food, which results in more flavorful meals for your restaurant’s customers.


    Glass Doors

    True has its own factory where it produces all double-paned glass doors found on its freezers and refrigerators. This allows the company to reduce costs and pass those savings onto customers. Between the two glass panes is Argon gas, which acts as an insulator and helps keep the units cold. Argon is completely harmless, so there’s need to fret in the unfortunate event that your unit’s glass breaks.


    Rigorous Testing

    All True refrigeration equipment is subjected to thorough testing before being removed from the assembly line and sent out for delivery. While refrigerators are tested for 4-6 hours to ensure proper functioning, freezers must go through a whopping 16-24 hours of comprehensive evaluations. Any unit that doesn’t measure up to True’s lofty standards is sent back for modifications before being tested again.


    Stainless Steel Exterior

    Made with high-grade stainless steel that excels at withstanding years of use in commercial environments, True refrigeration equipment also boasts a powder coating. This coating helps prevent rust and corrosion, which helps freezers and refrigerators maintain aesthetic exteriors despite years of use.  This makes True equipment perfect for kitchens that are on display for patrons to see.



    Whether you prefer glass doors, solid doors, or even sliding doors, True allows you to customize a unit so it matches your precise preferences. The exteriors of merchandising and display refrigerators can be customized with decals that draw attention to your products and increase purchases.


    Long-term Durability

    Since the evaporator fan motors found in True refrigeration units are filled with oil, they won’t require lubrication for the duration of their year lifespan. And while similar fan motors of similar commercial freezers and refrigerators last as few as 3 years, those found in True refrigerator are consistently functional for 15-20 years.


    Made in America

    True proudly manufactures all of its refrigeration equipment in a Missouri-based factory and never imports units from other countries. This means that by buying a True freezer or refrigerator, you’re helping support the American workforce.