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    Is the Vitamix Quiet One Blender Right for Your Foodservice?

    Written by: J. Vigotsky


    vitamix quiet one cafe


    Whether your foodservice offers smoothies, cocktails, milkshakes, or ice coffees, a commercial blender lets you make those beverages more efficiently. But with so many different blenders on the market, it can be difficult to decide which unit is right for you. This blog entry will highlight some of the strengths and weaknesses of the best-selling Vitamix Quiet One blender. By the end of it, you’ll be able to decide if the commercial unit is a good fit for your particular foodservice.




    Quiet Operation

    An amazing four times quieter (18 decibels below) than the most similar competing blender, the Vitamix 36019 Quiet One is ideal for smaller operations like cafes, concession stands, smoothie bars, and fitness centers. Especially great for foodservices that keep their blender in close proximity to customers, this Vitamix generates minimal noise and fosters a more pleasant environment for patrons as well as staff. People straining to speak over the thunderous sound of an active blender will be an issue of the past. The Quiet One accomplishes this thanks in part to its state-of-the-art vibration dampening technology.  The unit also features a plastic enclosure that fits over its container and further reduces unwanted noise.



    Perfect for foodservices that strive to reproduce their beverages the same way every time, the Vitamix Quiet One boasts highly customizable programming. With 6 program buttons and 34 optimized programs, the heavy-duty blender ensures customers always receive a beverage that satisfies their expectations. You can even create custom blending settings for a wide range of different drinks. So whether you need to blend milkshakes, smoothies, or coffee-based drinks, this Vitamix unit makes it easy for even the newest staff members in your kitchen.



    The commercial blender conveniently fits atop counters and features a large 48 oz. container that’s easy to disassemble and consequently simple to clean. Detailed measurement markings enable users to prepare beverages according to precise recipes, while a dripless spout promotes smooth pouring and reduces the chance of kitchen spills. With a 3 hp motor, the unit effortlessly blends even the most stubborn ingredients. Should anything happen to your Vitamix Quiet One blender, rest assured knowing that the unit comes with a three-year warranty on motor, base, and parts, as well as a one-year warranty on labor.



    In addition to blending, the Vitamix Quiet One is also capable of chopping, pureeing, and mixing foods. A great tool for food prep, the commercial unit excels at making delicious sauces, gravies, nut butters, and condiments. This versatility makes the Quiet One more than just a beverage maker. The unit’s a Swiss army knife that gives your kitchen staff the ability to handle a wide variety of different tasks.


    the quiet one blender smoothie




    Although the Vitamix Quiet One offers a multitude of benefits, the blender is not perfect. Its price tag might be a little steep for some foodservices, but that’s just the nature of commercial blenders. These heavy-duty blenders are designed to handle workloads that far surpass those of residential blenders and are priced accordingly.

    Furthermore, while the Quiet One blender is often advertised as a juicer, the unit simply wasn’t designed for traditional juicing. If you want to get something close to pure juice out of your Vitamix blender, you’ll have to put in some extra work. Basically, your ingredeints will need to be sliced extra thin and a strainer will have to be used to filter out any leftover chunks that remain. But if you want real juice, there’s no substitute for a true automatic juicer.


    The Final Decision


    While thousands of foodservice owners are satisfied with the Vitamix Quiet One blender, only you can decide whether the unit is right for your operation. Now that you know everything about the commercial blender, take some time to think about if the blender suits your needs. If you want to explore other blender options, check out our large selection.


    vitamix quiet one blender

    8 Themed Restaurants and Bars You Have to See to Believe

    Written by: J. Vigotsky


    It’s common knowledge that opening and maintaining a successful bar or restaurant is no easy task. According to this article, about 60% of new restaurants close down within their first year, and 80% fail to reach a 5-year anniversary. While there’s no single reason for this, a business’ location, staff, and food quality all play important roles. But even bars and restaurants that excel in all three of those areas aren’t destined for long-term success. Another crucial piece to the puzzle is providing diners with unique experiences that they won’t find anywhere else. The following list includes 8 uniquely themed restaurants and bars that truly separate themselves from their competition.   


    Gotham City – Brooklyn, NY


    gotham city lounge


    If this bar’s name doesn’t clue you in to its theme, the mural of Batman and Superman that greets you certainly will. The Bushwick dive bar serves as a haven for comic book aficionados. Posters and action figures grace the walls and ceiling, while a projection TV sometimes plays shows and films. There’s even a standard billiards table for customers who aren’t as enthralled with comic book culture. Come for the unique geeky ambiance and stay for the amazing $3 PBRs with whiskey.


    Lala’s Little Nugget – Austin, TX


    lala's little nugget


    Nobody would ever confuse the blistering weather of central Texas with that of the North Pole. But at Lala’s Little Nuggest, it’s Christmas all year long. Despite its family-friendly theme, the restaurant is a 21 and over bar establishment. A Christmas tree is nestled comfortably in the bar’s corner, while a leg lamp (of Christmas Story fame) fills the room with a red glow that’s more reminiscent of the Red Light district than wholesome Christmas cheer. Stylish mistletoe hangs from the walls, and colorful Christmas lighting helps enhance the holiday spirit. Starting promptly at 11 AM every Saturday and Sunday, Boozy Brunch offers customers Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Featuring fun Christmas-themed cocktails like Reindeer Water and Santa’s Irish Coffee, Lala’s Little Nugget has been a neighborhood staple since 1972 and is a perfect example of a bar theme that works.


    Kuma’s Corner – IL & IN


    kuma's corner


    Originally founded in Chicago with idea of celebrating both meat and heavy metal music, Kuma’s Corner soon expanded to include three more locations in Illinois and one in Indianapolis. Playing heavy metal and supporting local bands of the genre, the restaurant also receives its food and beverages from local purveyors. Kuma’s Corner rotates its craft beer offerings, ensuring that metal heads keep coming back for something new and exciting. If you’re a meat lover, heavy metal fan, or both, Kuma’s Corner is sure to offer you a dining experience you’ll never forget.


    The Alley – Oakland, CA


    the alley


    Designed to resemble a seedy alleyway, this piano bar might not the best choice for diners who crave a relaxing ambiance. Nearly every square inch of the bar’s walls is covered with a flier, business card, or some other piece of paper—all of which are rumored to be sprayed with fire retardant to satisfy local code. To make the design even more immersive, fake roofs and powerlines are also included. While a piano player pounds away on keys, the stage is usually open for a brave diner to step up and sing lead vocals.


    Noir Lounge – San Francisco, CA


    noir lounge


    For fans of film noir of the 40s and 50s, this themed restaurant will be a treat unlike any other. Showing genre classics like The Maltese Falcon, the Noir Lounge oozes of retro style and makes you feel like you took a trip back in time. A large selection of eclectic beer, wine, and cocktails ensures there’s something for everyone. With the cozy ambiance of a speakeasy, the Noir Lounge features couches and plush chairs scattered throughout its multi-room operation. An old time piano is played most nights for entertainment. The Noir Lounge provides the type of immersive experience every themed bar and restaurant should strive for.


    The Kalamazoo Beer Exchange – Kalamazoo, MI


    the kalamazoo beer exchange


    A type of place you’d expect to find on Wall Street, the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange updates the pricing of its beers each minute to match demand. And while the idea of a stock market crash can send shivers down anyone’s spine, a beer market crash is reason for celebration. During a crash, beer prices dip lower than you ever thought possible. Offering 28 draughts as well as bottles and cans, the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange puts a unique spin on the standard bar experience. The bar also features a beautiful open kitchen that churns out delicious, made-to-order food.  


    The Mean Eyed Cat – Austin, TX


    the mean eyed cat bar


    The second restaurant from Austin on this list makes it easy to understand why “Keep Austin Weird” is the city’s unofficial slogan. The Mean Eyed Cat is a 21 and over bar/restaurant that pays tribute to legendary country rock star Johnny Cash. Showing of all kinds of unique memorabilia, this restaurant holds a Mean Movie Night every Monday and also sometimes hosts live music performances. With over a dozen craft beers on tap, The Mean Eyed Cat also offers classic Stubb’s BBQ like brisket, beef, turkey, pork, sausage, chicken, and ribs.


    Unicorn – Seattle, WA


    unicorn bar seattle


    With two locations on Capitol Hill, the Unicorn is another 21+ bar that differentiates itself via a unique style. Taking the carnival theme to an extreme, the Unicorn offers a whimsical experience that includes an arcade, claw, and photo booth. Colorful walls boast intricate designs, and funky décor is found throughout the bar. The menu offers everything you’d expect to find at a regular carnival—corn dogs, burgers, and all kinds of fried treats.



    When it comes to giving your restaurant a theme, there’s a thin line between unique and overly quirky. It’s important to know what your community would accept with open arms vs. what it will shun mercilessly. Whatever theme you choose should give your business a unique twist without alienating too many potential customers. But perhaps the most important thing to remember is that your restaurant’s theme should be your lowest priority. Location, food, and staff always comes first in terms of importance. Giving your restaurant a unique theme is just the cherry on top.  

    5 of the Most Interesting Food Museums in the United States

    Written by: J. Vigotsky


    If you’re searching for somewhere fun and educational to visit, look no further than a food museum. Often focusing on a single culinary item, these houses of knowledge will fill your brain with fun facts while also stimulating your appetite. After you’ve reached your education quota for the day, indulge in a delicious meal knowing you earned it. The following 5 food and beverage museums are just few of the many in the United States that are worth visiting.


    Southern Food and Beverage Museum – New Orleans, LA


    southern food and beverage museum


    Dedicated to educating visitors about traditional U.S. Southern cuisine, this museum features a wide range of unique exhibits and artifacts. It regularly hosts tastings, lectures, demonstrations, and special exhibits. Perfect for any foodie who fancies southern food, the Southern Food and Beverage Museum houses Toups South—a 2,000-square-foot restaurant that serves southern classics while also acting as a living exhibit.

    The museum has both permanent and rotating exhibits. So even if you’ve visited before, there’s nearly always something new there that you haven’t seen. For younger visitors, the Southern Food and Beverage Museum offers a “Kids in the Kitchen” program. A bi-monthly opportunity for children ages 7-11, “Kids in the Kitchen” provides hands-on cooking training. “Master Classes” are for kids aged 11-13 and provide more detailed culinary training.   


    The Museum of the American Cocktail – New Orleans, LA


    museum of the american cocktail


    For adults who crave a more beverage-based experienced, The Museum of the American Cocktail (MOTAC) is located right next door to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. The MOTAC focuses on mixology principles while also stressing responsible drinking. Included in the museum is an exhibited dedicated to New Orleans prohibition between the years of 1919-1933.


    The SPAM Museum – St. Austin, MN


    spam museum


    Ever wonder what goes into the miraculous piece of meat that’s best known as SPAM? If you have, then The SPAM Museum is well worth a visit. Located in St. Austin, Minnesota, the museum celebrates the magical mystery meat that first appeared in 1937 and quickly became a world-wide sensation.

    With a variety of educational and interactive exhibits, The SPAM Museum offers a distinctly unique experience. Its friendly SPAMbassadors help guide you around the facility, while one special wall allows you to answer the question, “How many SPAM cans tall are you?” But perhaps the best part of the SPAM Museum is it’s free!


    Idaho Potato Museum – Blackfood, ID


    idaho potato museum


    It only makes sense that America’s most prominent potato museum would be located in Idaho. Greeting visitors with an enormous potato sculpture, the Idaho Potato Museum immediately sets the tone for a fun day of learning. Information about potato history, nutrition, and both the growing and harvest processes are ubiquitous throughout the museum. The museum’s curriculum covers everything from the first potato planted in Idaho to the largest potato crisp manufactured by the Pringle’s Company in Jackson, Tennessee.

    Located within the museum, the Potato Station Café allows visitors to indulge in a meal once they’ve finished the tour. In addition to offering classic baked potatoes and French fries, the café also carries delicacies like potato cupcakes and potato ice cream. If you’re going to opt for a baked potato, make sure to order at least 2 hours in advance since, as it takes time to cook a perfect potato. Be certain to also stop by the gift shop and browse its collection of potato-related souvenirs.


    National Mustard Museum – Middleton, WI


    national mustard museum


    Mustard aficionados should accept no substitutes. Founder Barry Levenson came up with the idea after his beloved Boston Red Sox blew the 1986 World Series and he was left to ponder the meaning of life. A late-night supermarket run gave him the answer: mustard!

    The National Mustard Museum is home to over 5,992 mustards that have been gathered from all 50 states and over 70 different countries. Included in the museum’s collection are modern jars, antique tins, and vintage advertisements. Admission is free, and the museum always goes all out for National Mustard Day, which is August 4th this year. 

    Healthiest Fish to Eat for Nutritional Benefits

    Written by: J. Vigotsky


    It’s common knowledge that seafood not only tastes delicious, but also offers a litany of health benefits. However, the term seafood is wide-encompassing, and different types of fish have unique nutritional profiles. The following information will help you and your servers educate patrons about the benefits and concerns associated with 4 of the healthiest fish to eat.






    High in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon makes it easy for your body to satisfy its weekly fatty acid requirements. While consensus is that a healthy adult should get at least 250-500 mg of combined EPA and DHA per day, a mere 3 ounce piece of salmon contains can contain 1.1-1.9 grams of omega 3 fatty acids! By eating just two servings of salmon per week, your body will have more than enough fatty acids—which are good for decreasing inflammation, reducing blood pressure, decreasing risk of cancer, and improving arterial function. Other benefits of salmon include the fish’s B vitamins, potassium, and high protein.

    When talking about salmon, a subtle distinction needs to be made between wild and farmed salmon. Wild salmon offers far greater health benefits than farmed salmon and consequently can be as much as twice as expensive. While farmed salmon provides approximately 1,200 mg of omega fatty acids per 4 oz., farmed salmon boasts upwards of 1,500 mg for the same size serving. If you opt for farmed salmon, make sure it comes from inside the United States or was raised in a controlled environments like a tank system.


    Tuna Fish


    tuna fish


    Affordable and delicious, tuna fish is great for salads and sandwiches. A significant source of both protein and omega-3 fatty acids, tuna is also high in mercury. Consuming too much mercury can lead to irritability, nerve damage, memory loss, and problems balancing. This means diners should opt for tuna just a few times a week rather than daily. Since canned tuna is easy to store and seemingly lasts forever, it’s a great option for foodservices and restaurants.






    Tilapia has a neutral taste that allows chefs to by infuse the fish with unique flavor via spices and seasoning. Offering a myriad of health benefits, a single serving of tilapia fulfills 15% of our daily protein requirement. While the fish is high in protein, it’s also conveniently low in calories. This makes tilapia a great choice for anyone who’s on a diet and trying to lose weight. Tilapia is also great for bone health and is rich in selenium, which can help prevent premature aging of the skin. For safety reasons, it’s recommended that tilapia should only be bought from U.S. fisheries or other countries with strict regulations when it comes to fisheries.


    Rainbow Trout


    rainbow trout


    With 19 grams of protein per 3 oz. serving, rainbow trout provides diners with what they need to maintain strong muscles. The fish is also rich in phosphorous, which assists in digestion and ensures bones and teeth are of adequate strength. Furthermore, rainbow trout has relatively few contaminants compared to other seafood. So long as the trout you’re consuming rainbow trout that’s properly farmed, there is a minimal chance of ingesting mercury and PCBs.