Blakeslee R-EE-72 Dishwasher

Discontinued by Manufacturer


Discontinued by Manufacturer

Product Specifications

Weight 1090.00 Pound(s)
Dimensions 57.50(h) x 72.00(w) x 23.63(d)
Temperature High Temp with Booster
Rack Capacity approximately (250) racks/hour
Tank design (2) tank without pre-wash
Tank Heat electric
Construction Stainless Steel


Dishwasher, rack conveyor-type, 72" double tank: wash & rinse, 255 racks per hour, 21.6 gallons wash tank capacity, with built-in thermostat, auto fill, liquid level control, top mounted control cabinet, door safety switch, final rinse economizer, thermal overload protection for each motor, protective heat chamber, stainless steel wash pump, front panels, frame, legs and feet, (2) 20 kw electric tank heat
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