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Bib Aprons

Bib Aprons

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Bib Aprons

Outfit the staff with a trendy food apron to keep them comfortable and productive while at work

Create a professional look for the staff by providing them the right style of kitchen aprons. A clean and presentable appearance of the staff is essential to maintain for the customers. We make it easy by offering our huge collection of bib aprons! This is one of the traditional types of food preparation aprons that are made with two adjustable straps – one strap ties around the waist and the other loops around the neck. But there are a few aprons that feature a cross-back style with ties. For a comfortable fit, the straps are designed adjustable. Small or a broader physique, our bib aprons will surely fit all sizes.

The bib aprons we offer are highly functional too! Each is created with several spacious pockets where the staff can store all the tools they needed to accomplish their tasks. The sizes of the pockets depend on the brand model. But its standard size can approximately fit a thermometer, orders pads, and other kitchen utensils of the same size. In terms of durability, our bib aprons can never disappoint anyone. They all boast impressive durability and usability because they are all made of premium-quality materials.

Cotton is the standard choice for bib aprons because they are comfortable to wear and easy to clean. But as kitchen aprons evolved, they are now also available in denim and waxed fabric. They all provide the same comfort as with the cotton. The only advantage of the denim bib apron is it is more stylish and has a reliable resistance to wrinkles. It can maintain its presentable appearance longer. The waxed fabric bib apron, on the other hand, is made heavy-duty and water-resistant.

All the bib aprons we carry can effectively protect the staff’s clothing from spillages and food stains. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. Browse our catalog now to see our best collections! Compatible accessories are also available in our catalog.