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Beverage Service Cart

Beverage Service Cart

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Beverage Service Carts

Comfortably transport all the beverages to the event using a multi-function beverage cart

Keep the guests happy and pampered by serving them directly with their favorite drink products! The beverage serving carts are the smart solution to eliminate waiting lines in the service station. We carry a huge selection of beverage service carts that are suitable to use for outdoor and indoor event settings. All the serving carts are robustly-constructed for them to withstand the daily heavy use and wear. The standard unit construction is composed of an ergonomic handle, sturdy frames, heavy-duty body, and a set of casters for mobility.

The body of the beverage service carts may feature any of these two designs – enclosed and open. The enclosed beverage cart is constructed with a fully insulated body for strong temperature retention. It is also built with a drain to easily flush out the ice water. While the beverage service carts that feature an open body design are great to use for mixing and serving cocktails. They may not have an insulated body, but they are usually built with an extra shelf to accommodate a beverage cooler.

All the beverage service carts we offer are packed with incredible features to further enhance its functionality and aesthetic appearance. Get to know them all now by checking our catalog! Compatible parts and accessories are also offered.