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Beer Tap Brushes, Plugs and Cleaning Accessories

Beer Tap Brushes, Plugs and Cleaning Accessories

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Beer Tap Brushes, Plugs, and Cleaning Accessories

Get the right beer tap cleaning supplies to simplify the bar cleaning duties and promote hygiene for patrons

Our easy-to-use beer tap cleaning accessories are the ultimate solution for foodservice establishments serving copious amounts of beer regularly! Having clean beer taps is crucial, especially in light of today’s ongoing public health and safety concerns. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer a wide array of beer tap brushes, plugs, and cleaning accessories that promote quick yet thorough sanitation. Our beer tap brushes come in different lengths and widths to ensure that there’s a suitable brush for all kinds of taps. Their firm nylon bristles help remove substance residues from the walls of the tap lines. Though these brushes are tough on stains and dirt, their bristles are completely non-abrasive and will not leave scratches, chemical streaks, and other undue damages. Other materials for the brush bristles depend upon the brand.

Sanitizing beer taps with a good set of brushes is simply not enough. Airborne contaminants could easily get into the taps and compromise the taste of beer. To prevent this, we offer high-quality beer tap plugs to fend off dirt particles, dust, and even the occasional fly. Made of food-grade plastic, these plugs are virtually shatterproof, which helps reduce costs associated with replacing bar accessories every few weeks. Some beer tap plugs come with a stepped, twist-on design for easy insertion and removal, while others are chained together to reduce the likelihood of one getting lost amidst the clutter. Others also come with brushes that aid in removing yeast and dried beer residues to guarantee fresh refills.

Many of our beer tap brushes, plugs, and cleaning accessories are also designed to use for a direct-draw beer tap system. Thanks to their straightforward, “no muss, no fuss” construction, they are capable of cleaning an entire beer service system as swiftly as any automated equipment can. They also work well with pH meters, which help operators know when the beer lines have been completely washed out. All these devices and supplies are conveniently lightweight and can be stored in any cupboard or kitchen supply cabinet. Furthermore, they require hardly any effort for their regular cleaning and maintenance.

Let the good times flow like the finest beverage for valued guests and patrons! Browse our catalog now and procure the most ergonomic set of beer tap cleaning supplies for an effective, hassle-free cleaning experience.