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Bar Tools

Get the ingredient preparation done right the first time using the correct bartender tools

When it comes to beverage preparation, never settle for less! Use only the right, high-quality bar tools that guarantee to deliver great quality results and best meet the operation’s needs. Finding the right bartending tools for every task doesn’t have to be challenging. We make it easy by offering an extensive selection of bartender tools that are suitable for all skill levels! The basic, yet most important bar tools to own is the cocktail shaker. This is where all the liquid and solid ingredients meet and mix into perfection. Their reliability to mix and chill the drinks in a balanced manner is focused on their designs and construction. There are several types of cocktail shaker in our catalog and the Boston shaker is the professional's traditional choice. This features two conical-shaped containers that are constructed of metal and glass. The metal container is often made with a 28-ounce capacity and fashioned with a wider rim to comfortably accommodate the 16-ounce Boston glass.

Another great option for a cocktail shaker is the Cobbler shaker. This is the beverage shaker that features a three-piece design. It contains a decorative cap, integrated strainer, and a tin container. The cap acts as a protective barrier to keep the contaminants away from the contents. At the same time, it provides the container an airtight seal. The smooth texture of the mixed drinks is well-provided because the strainer effectively filters all the solid particles when pouring it on the cocktail glass. This strainer is removable for easy cleaning. Lastly, the container features a smaller size compared to the Boston shaker. Therefore, this is perfect for creating a single serving of luscious drinks.

Smashing ingredients is one effective method to release their natural flavor. The only bar tool that can do the job right is the drink muddler. It is constructed with an elongated body to ensure it can fit very well in short and tall glassware. These are traditionally made of natural wood. But in our catalog, we offer a wide range of muddlers that features durable plastic and metal construction. All materials are practically unbreakable and assure not to leach toxic materials into the ingredients. Poorly measured drinks can increase costly food wastage. Though there is a standard measurement per type of liquors, adding a jigger remains to be a smart choice!

The jigger is constructed with a double-sided measuring cup for precise portion control. As a standard design, the larger cup holds a 1.5-ounce capacity, while the smaller cup holds 3/4 ounce. For guaranteed long-lasting use, the bar jigger is made of stainless steel. These are only a few of the bar tools available in our catalog. Visit it now and discover all options!