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Bar Size Cutting Boards

Bar Size Cutting Boards

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Bar-Sized Cutting Boards

Safely cut all the ingredients on a robustly-constructed cutting board

Outfit the bar station with a safe and easy-to-clean chopping area! The bar-sized cutting board is the bar tool designed to protect the bar surfaces, knife, and the food ingredients from potential risks. With its durable construction, it can strongly endure the constant cutting abuse delivered by the staff. This will maintain the bar surfaces scratch-free and prevent the knifeā€™s blade to get dull. Cross-contamination is also prevented because the cutting board prevents the food from touching the bar surfaces.

The bar-sized cutting board we offer are made from different types of commercially-approved materials. Wood is one of the best materials used for the cutting board. This is great to use for slicing fruits, vegetables, and bread. It has a soft texture which helps keep the knife in great shape. For an easy-to-clean and sanitize option, the plastic cutting board is ideal to get. Most of the products available in our catalog are made of high-quality polyethylene material for exceptional durability. To eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, the plastic cutting boards are color-coded. The purple color usually represents the allergen-free models.

The bar-sized cutting board we supply comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The features included varies on the brand. But be assured all the cutting boards we offer are designed for safety and convenience. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selections of bar-sized cutting boards. Other bar tools and accessories are also available.