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Banded / Decorative

Banded / Decorative

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Banded and Decorative Plastic Bowls

Host a Sunday family-style lunch using our disposable plastic bowls to maintain a sanitary dining space

Maintain a decorative and easy to clean food party with our line of plastic serving bowls! When it comes to hosting family-friendly events, it is recommended to use disposable plastic bowls. Mainly because these plastic party bowls are lightweight and can satisfactorily reduce cleanup time. These bowls are durably made of high-quality, food-grade plastic. Most of the plastic material used is also BPA-free and highly recyclable. This guarantees its safety to have direct contact with food for human consumption and the environment. They are expertly processed to make them shock and crack-resistant. Rest assured that these decorative plastic bowls can remain solid and unbreakable even when dropped accidentally.

Although this collection of plastic serving bowls is made disposable, the quality of presentation it provides is not at risk. These decorative plastic bowls are styled to the next level! They are fashioned with different sizes, shapes, and colors to assures they would easily complement on any event’s themes. We offer the traditional round and square-shaped bowls. But for a more modern appeal, we also supply colorful plastic bowls that are perfect for kiddie parties.

Wait, there’s more we can offer! The decorative plastic bowls can also feature a silver or gold band on the rims, giving it a lavish and sophisticated look. This is perfect for formal and intimate events such as debut and weddings. Discover more features and designs available for our decorative plastic bowls by browsing our catalog now!