Bakers Pride FC-616 IL FORNO CLASSICO Single Deck Oven

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4 easy payments of $4,977.71 0% interest no credit check!

Product Specifications

Weight 1781.00 Pound(s)
Dimensions 81.00(h) x 78.00(w) x 43.00(d)
Deck Dimensions 60” W x 36" D
Opening Width 32”
Total BTU 140,000
Opening Height 10"
Gas Inlet 3/4"
Voltage 120V
Door Type solid
Power Type Gas
Temperature 300 to 650°F (149 to 343°C)
Decks 1


The FC-616 IL FORNO CLASSICO 140,000 BTU Single Deck Oven from Bakers Pride combines the ambiance of a traditional old world brick oven with the convenience, control and precision of modern technology, and is perfect for display kitchens and exhibition cooking.

The oven incorporates a steel-reinforced, arched open hearth with a visible 20,000 BTUH open flame burner for ambiance and additional top heat with a large lintel plate/landing shelf for ease of operation. Another 120,000 BTUH gas dual burner provides thermostatically controlled temperatures with independent, operator-controlled top & bottom heat control dampers and micro slides for perfectly balanced results.

This single deck oven is designed and engineered to be used either as is, or finished and trimmed with brass, copper, etc. for an elegant high-tech presentation, or finished DSP style with tile, stone or thin brick applied directly to the oven exterior, or built-in behind a decorative facade of brick, stone or tile for an old-world look.

The oven comes complete with a 300-650°F throttling thermostat range, removable front mounted flue for easy access for installation of hearth decks, standard brick lining, front or side mounted controls behind an extra-large black powder-coated access panel, rear gas & electrical connections, combination gas control valve, slide-out flame diverters for even heat distribution, fully insulated, spring balanced doors and heavy duty, 7-gauge steel legs in a variety of heights, with or without casters.

Interior oven frame is constructed of 1/4" (6mm) heavy-duty angle iron, completely welded to form a single unitized section. The oven body and lining are then welded to the oven framework. Oven interiors are manufactured of high-heat resistant 16-gauge aluminized steel.
Free shipping
4 easy payments of $4,977.71 0% interest no credit check!

Product Highlights

  • Brick lining for additional top heat and quicker recovery
  • 300-650° F (149-343°C) throttling thermostat
  • Combination gas controls with valve, regulator and safety pilot
  • Side or front mounted controls with rear gas and electrical connections
  • Heavy-duty, slide-out flame diverters and 1.5" (38mm) thick hearth baking decks
  • Combustion chamber door in black powder coat with custom hard wood handles or stainless steel with tubular chrome plated handle
  • Spring balanced combustion chamber door
  • 7-gauge legs with casters (casters not provided on DSP style ovens)
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