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Back Bar Refrigerators and Beer Dispensers Shelves

Back Bar Refrigerators and Beer Dispensers Shelves

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Back Bar Refrigerator and Beer Dispenser Shelves

Fit the refrigerator with our versatile shelves to make the beverages and garnishes accessible

We have a variety of simple, ergonomically crafted back bar refrigerator and beer dispenser shelves to promote the maximization of storage space. Simplify storage, inventory, and product accessibility while simultaneously creating more space with our dynamic set of refrigerator and beer dispenser shelves. These products can serve as replacement fixtures or supplementary accessories for an existing unit’s old or damaged component. Featuring a clean design, these shelves effortlessly slide into their compatible commercial back bar refrigerator or beer dispenser to optimize their storage space. They come in different sizes. Rest assured that all are made significantly lighter to promote ease of installation. This also makes it a breeze to detach them from the unit’s interior for more thorough cleanups. Offered in different hues from subtle to vibrant, these shelves are sure to match their respective back bar units.

To provide strong, unyielding support that does not buckle under the immense weight, most back bar refrigerator and beer dispenser shelves are made out of stainless steel. Thanks to this industry-recognized material, these refrigerator accessories are virtually insusceptible to rust and corrosion. The shelves can also be feature epoxy or reinforced construction for extreme durability and moisture resistance. Chrome wire shelves offer better air circulation, light penetration, and are known to prevent dirt buildup. Other materials for the shelves’ framework are strategically determined by the brand. Regardless of their composition, each shelf is given a special type of coating that prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and other potential contaminants.

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