{"config":[],"description":"<p><b>Anti-Griddles</b></p>\n\n<p>Instantly freezes the food purees using an innovative commercial anti-griddle</p>\n\n<p>Getting creative in designing the desserts are essential in piquing the customers’ interest. Achieve any designs desired just by using the anti-griddle! \n\nNo one can resist a perfectly crumbly dessert exterior with a delicious creamy filling in the center. Our anti-griddle can deliver this great result every time! The anti-griddle is a type of commercial refrigeration equipment that can semi- or flash-freeze any food liquid mixtures in a manner of seconds. This is built with an easy-to-clean freeze plate that can be made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is the preferred material choice due to its outstanding long-term durability and resistance to corrosion. It’s a plus that their smooth and sanitary surface makes them easy to maintain. Thanks to their sophisticated construction, the freeze plate can transform any liquid mixtures into a uniquely-formed solid at -30°F, or less. The exact working temperatures may still change depending on the brand.</p>\n\n<p>The housing unit of the anti-griddle can also be made of stainless steel to guarantee they can withstand the daily heavy use in a commercial operation. Colors are often added to create a professional and attractive appearance. For simple operation, this freezing machine is equipped with a rocker switch for on and off function. Plug it into its dedicated power supply and it assure to run uninterruptedly. Versatility at its best! The anti-griddle is not limited to creating desserts. They can also be used for freezing savory sauces, liquor garnish, and hydrocolloid-type of recipes.</p>\n\n<p>The anti-griddle freezing machine is suitable to use in the back and front of the house, including catering and buffet operations. To know more about our offers, browse our catalog now!</p>","detail_messages":[],"faceted_search_enabled":true,"facets":[{"display":"multi","facet":"Manufacturer","has_more_results":false,"is_product_option":true,"items":[],"items_count":10,"partial":"multi","selected":false,"show_more_toggle":false,"show_product_counts":true,"sort_order":"alphabetically","start_collapsed":false,"title":"Manufacturer","total_items":0,"type":"term","visible":true}],"id":4285,"image":null,"meta":[],"name":"Anti Griddles","products":[],"search_error":false,"selected":{"items":[],"remove_all_url":""},"show_compare":1,"state":[],"subcategories":[],"total_products":0,"url":"https://www.culinarydepotinc.com/anti-griddles/"}
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Anti Griddles