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Airpot Lid

Airpot Lid

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Airpot Covers

Add the proper cover to lock the heat inside the beverage airpot

Don’t let a broken airpot cover hinder the customers from enjoying a good cup of joe. Get the compatible replacement part here at Culinary Depot! A commercial-grade airpot is an excellent addition to the operation. It allows the staff to serve freshly made hot drinks at any time of the day and make it accessible to the guests. It certainly can boost the ROI of the business and enhances the overall dining experience of the customers at the same time. All the beverage airpots we offer are made to last. But just like any other beverage equipment, it can acquire damages over years of consistent heavy use. No need to worry because we have a huge selection of airpot accessories.

The airpot cover is one of the parts that receive the most abuse daily. Replace it immediately with its compatible part. All the airpot covers we supply can be made of high-quality metal or plastic. Both come in different sizes and access types to provide the optimal convenience. Each size matches a specific airpot unit. While the access types are available in push button and lever design. Color tags are mostly included for quick identification. Each color represents a specific function. Orange is usually assigned for decaf coffee, while the green color is assigned for tea. The exact meaning of each color is determined by the brand.

Equip the beverage airpot with the right cover and it will continue to provide safety and comfort in the concession stands, self-service stations, catered events, and more. Browse our catalog now to view our complete selections.