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Active Play

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Active Play Toys

Expose the kids to a fun and creative play using the right indoor playing toys

Active play is essential in developing the kids’ essential movement skills. Ensure to equip the early learning facilities and daycare center with the proper indoor toys! Piquing the kids’ interest doesn’t have to be challenging. Our large selection of active play toys is the best gear for the job as they are designed to inspire kids to imaginative and creative play. All our play toys are guaranteed safe to use and durable. In terms of designs, each toy is professionally styled to ensure it will match the kids’ ages (infants, toddlers, or preschoolers) and their level of ability. They also come in different colors, shapes, and sizes to further improve their function and appearance.

Art making is popularly known for its effectiveness to develop creativity and self-expression. But for kids, art-making has a lot more to offer! They are great at enhancing their motor, memory, and visual-spatial processing skills. Get all the art supplies needed here at Culinary Depot! For painting, we offer sturdy easels that can be made of wood or laminated materials. As standard, they are built with a flat drawing surface with triangular-shaped frames for stability. They are intended foldable for easy storing. Other brands we supply are built with a cabinet structure where the front includes a write-n-wipe surface and foldable easel. At the back, multiple shelves are created to properly store the posters, coloring materials, and other art supplies.

Kids are prone to making a mess when playing. Save their clothes from getting stains by making them wear a bib apron. This active play accessory is usually made with a one-size-fits-most. They can be made with 100% cotton or a poly-cotton twill. Both materials provide comfort and easy care. It is easy to wear! It has two straps – a loop-style for the neck and the other ties around the waist. It also has two pockets that can hold a variety of items. There are more active play toys included in our catalog. Browse it now and see our complete selection!